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Contributeurs FIFA 2020 (30/05/2020)

EA Sports recherche des contributeurs bénévoles pour améliorer leur base de données de la L1 pour Fifa 2020 :
N'hésitez pas à leur donner un coup de main pour affiner les données du SCO !


While the football world is temporarily on hold during these unprecedented times, EA SPORTS FIFA is still looking to increase their community of Ligue 1 experts who will be there to share their knowledge once football is back on. Are you one of the most knowledgeable fans around? You could be just the person.

An EA SPORTS Data Reviewer is a dedicated football expert who enjoys researching and reviewing teams and players. With the ability to leave feedback on a wide range of areas, you can help ensure the player and team data is as accurate as possible in FIFA 20. This is a voluntary position and offers no financial compensation.

It’s a great opportunity to be part of the world’s most popular sports game.
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